Sometimes it’s easy to know if you need to find an attorney. If you’ve been charged with a crime, been served with a lawsuit, or need a divorce – a lawyer is exactly what you need. Lawyers, however, aren’t just for criminals or those in litigation. Qualified attorneys can also provide advice and knowledge to people who just need to talk to an expert.
A skilled lawyer’s advice can help you understand the complex rules associated with business negotiations and partnerships, estate planning, will and trust drafting, tax strategies and much more.

Lawyers improve their clients’ quality of life by protecting them from situations that might later bring emotional and financial hardship. A good, high-quality lawyer is there to help those in trouble now and those who want to avoid trouble in the future. 

Many people view legal representation as an all-or-nothing proposition: either you cede control of your issue to an experienced professional or take care of it yourself. While both approaches have their strengths and weaknesses, there is a middle ground. Preparing a document by yourself, and then having it reviewed by a lawyer can save you a significant amount of money in addition to having the peace of mind provided by a seasoned lawyer.

In less serious matters, self representation may also be an option. You may be able to resolve a minor legal dispute by writing letters or negotiating informally, or in a “small claims” court if the dispute has a value less than or equal to a certain amount (perhaps $5,000). Be sure to check with your local court for applicable “small claims” limits
 When in doubt, it is best to speak with a lawyer.

If you have any legal issues of concern you would like to discuss, please contact our firm.

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