ARE YOU RECENTLY WIDOWED? Schwartz Ettenger discusses when you need the counsel of an Estate Attorney

Are you recently widowed, or do you have a close friend or relative who has lost a spouse? During such a difficult time, with so much to take care of, panic can set in as you begin navigating the probate process – don’t panic, the professionals at Schwartz Ettenger can help!

Not everyone needs to hire an attorney when a loved one dies.  But knowing when you need one is essential.  Some circumstances that make you a good candidate for handling the estate with an experienced professional at your side include:

  1. Complicated Beneficiary Plans.

2. Estates of such a size that owe either Federal or state estate tax may be due.

3. Fractious family situations.

4. Estates with assets that are not all jointly owned or do not have named beneficiaries.

5. Estates with significant and/or multiple real estate investments, including primary homes, vacation homes, and commercial properties.

At Schwartz Ettenger we work with our clients to minimize the overwhelming burden to the beneficiaries and survivors of the estate in connection with administering the estate. The firm also counsels families and fiduciaries on asset management, federal and state tax issues, and accounting matters associated with the administration of the estate, as well as estate planning for the surviving spouse which often needs to be updated.

If you need assistance with any estate related matter, contact us for a consultation by filling out this form, or by calling us at 631-777-2401.