Did you know that in New York once your child turns 18 you are no longer legally entitled to know anything about them? Their school can’t talk to you, even if you are paying for their education. Their health care providers can’t talk to you, even though you are their parent, and even if they are covered under your health insurance.

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This means, if your child is in an accident and becomes incapacitated, even temporarily, you might need court approval to act on his or her behalf.  What can you do if your child needs your help or needs you to make a decision for them, even one that could save their life?

The answer? All you need are two simple documents. A Power of Attorney and a Health Care Proxy.  These two simple documents can assist to prevent a potentially tragic situation. The Health Care Proxy allows your child to name another person (typically you) to access their medical information and make medical decisions for them if they are unable to make or communicate such decisions on their own.  The Power of Attorney allows your child to name another person (again, typically you) to take over financial matters, if need be, such as handling bank accounts, signing tax returns, and making other non-medical decisions.

Let Schwartz Ettenger help you maintain peace of mind while your kids are off at college. AT NO COST TO YOU. That is how important we believe it is for your kids to have these documents in place. Please contact our office and schedule a time to discuss this with you and your child or click here to contact Marci.